Preface, introduction, and excuses.

While in no way attempting to reach the travel chronicles of Gus (see Joel's posting of those emails to read about Gus' travels to Egypt, Israel, Kenya, and other delights), enough people have asked about my trip that I thought I would do a broad synopsis, send it to everyone I know, and hope some of the requests were genuine. I will, however, borrow the warning of Gus that this message is probably not best read in one sitting.

For those of you I haven't been keeping up to date, I went to Moldova for five days, two of which were spent at Rodica's wedding. I can cheerfully, albeit sleepily, say that those two are among the most memorable I have ever experienced.

Having written this chronicle as an e-mail, I reread it and decided it deserved both editing and photos. This web-site is an attempt to provide both of those.

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