Corina and Toby - April 2003, Thompson Pass

Corina had Good Friday off from work, so we decided to get out of town. Corina had never seen Thompson Pass, which I (Toby) consider one of the most beautiful chunks of Alaska, and I hadn't seen Matt and Tabitha's place in a long time, so we headed down to Thompson Pass Mountain Chalet to relax and do a bit of skiing.

The chalet is a cozy log cabin with a loft for sleeping and enough space on the ground floor for cooking and hanging out. Corina spent some time hanging out in the hammock chair and negotiating the tightest spiral staircase either of us have ever seen!  

We didn't do a whole lot of skiing, but we did do some. Matt and I made a pair of road runs while the corn was still softening up. I decided that, sketchy as it was, Corina should give it a shot. Here's Corina contemplating, and then skiing, the crux of Blueberry.  

At the bottom of that slope is a little soft-snow patch next to some old avalanche debris. Corina is pretty happy to be on the other side of it.  

Another shot of Corina smiling! This was the first time she's skied anything steep that didn't have a lift (excepting, of course, our trusty Subaru).  

With a gorgeous backdrop . . .  

In the afternoon, we did a bit of cross country touring up a snowcat track. We stopped for lunch and took a few pictures. Here's one of Toby.  

We set up the tripod and took some of the two of us.  

Finally, here are some shots of the view. There's a reason Thompson Pass is sometimes referred to as Little Switzerland.  

The drive through Keystone Canyon on the way into Valdez is stunning. The road and the river wind back and forth through the bottom of this 300 foot deep canyon, with waterfalls falling in from the sides. The waterfalls were still thawing, but in places it was possible to see the water under the ice.  

We didn't take too many pictures inside the chalet, but here are a couple shots of us on the last morning, eating breakfast. We're not that happy to be leaving . . .  

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