Maps of Antarctica

General Maps:

These maps show the general vicinity of Antarctica, its relationship to the world, and an overview of the continent.

Map showing path taken from Anchorage, AK to McMurdo Station.

Maps scanned from USGS Map of Ross Island and vicinity.

Subsections of original scans. Annotated with useful landmarks in red.

Map showing McMurdo Station and immediate vicinity (subset of Ross Island map). Includes Willy Field, Scott Base, Erebus Ice Tongue, Castle Rock. 246x294

Map showing Ross Island in its entirety. Includes McMurdo Station area, Mt. Erebus, Mt. Terror, Cape Evans, Cape Royds, and Cape Crozier. 1093x965

Map showing Taylor Valley. Includes Lake Hoare, Lake Fryxell, and Lake Bonney. 479x284

Map showing Taylor Dome area including Taylor Dome camp, Mt. Crean, and Mt. Fleming. 498x650

Original scan data (no annotations, not cropped)

Original scans of Ross Island area. 1200x1005

Original scan of Taylor Valley and Taylor Dome area. Shows relationship between the two, Ferrar Glacier, and Wright Valley. 1455x1005

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