Other Places To Go For Information On Antarcica

This is a list of links to other WWW and Gopher sites that provide information on Antarctica. If you know of any not mentioned here, please drop me a note at toby@ovod-everett.org. Thanks.

University of Wisconsin Madison/SSEC
This site contains some cool stuff, including frequently updated Southern Hemisphere weather images.
A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
Lee Liming's stuff on his trip to Antarctica on the Marco Polo, a cruise ship. Pretty cool stuff, some nice pictures, and a very interesting guy.
Antarctic Journal
This gopher menu contains information on how to backorder copies of the Antarctic Journal, published by the NSF.
Byrd Polar Research Home Page
ICAIR's gateway to the Antarctic
ICAIR is the International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research. It is located in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is where the International Antarctic Centre is. They have some very cool stuff here.
Arctic Regions Homepage in Norway
Updated daily with the latest news and information on Antarctica and other polar issues.

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