List of Places Visited on TGAA

When I was in the Antarctic I had the chance to visit a wide variety of places. Sooner or later I want a map in here with hot-spots, but since I didn't go very many places that might be a mistake.

Places I visited for lengthy periods of time:

McMurdo Station
McMurdo Station is the main U.S. base in the region.
Amundsen-Scott Station
Amundsen-Scott Station is the second largest U.S. base in the region. It is located a few hundred feet from the South Pole.
Dry Valleys
The Dry Valleys are located ??? miles west of McMurdo and are one of the only areas of Antarctica not covered with snow or ice.
Lake Hoare
Lake Hoare is one of the perpetually ice-covered lakes in the Dry Valleys.
Lake Fryxell
Lake Fryxell is another lake in the Dry Valleys.
Taylor Dome
Taylor Dome is part of the Polar Plateau located upstream of Taylor Glacier. It is very cold, white, and windy.

Places I visited for short periods of time

Cape Royds
Cape Royds is home to a large Adelie Penguin rookery.
Skelton Glacier
Skelton Glacier is an outflow of Taylor Dome.
Mt. Crean
Mt. Crean is to the south of Taylor Dome. I spent a night on a small rocky outcropping on the flank of Mt. Crean.
Scott Base
Scott Base is the main New Zealand Antarctic Research Program (NZARP) base. It is located two miles from McMurdo.
Williams Field
Williams Field, or Willie Field as the locals call it, is the main airport at McMurdo. It is a short 30 minute drive from McMurdo to Willie Field.
Taylor Glacier
The face of Taylor Glacier is home to Blood Falls.

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