Red ROVer

See NASA info for a picture until I can get my slides scanned.

Red ROVer is a Telepresent Remotely Operated Vehicle (TROV) that operates underwater. Based on a chassis (the Phantom II) designed by Deep Ocean Engineering of San Leandro, CA. The vehicle has a range of approximately 1000 feet. The operator controls the vehicle through joystick controls and receives information through a headset that displays the image generated by a pan/tilt camera on the TROV. A system is used to determine where the operators head is pointing, and then that data is sent down to the TROV to tell it where to point the camera. When the operator looks to the right, the camera shows what is to the right of the TROV.

There were two headsets in use while I was there, a black and white one using two LCD screens taken from Hi-8 video cameras and a color one based on some technology developed by Polhemus.

For more information, see the NASA info on the TROV.

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