List Of Science Teams Worked With On TGAA

I worked with many different science teams in the Antarctic. Every science team, technical team, and visitor is assigned an "Event Code" I was V-002 (Visitor number 002). The team numbers stay the same year to year and are assigned sequentially, so teams with a smaller number started working in the Antarctic earlier (some of the teams have been around for over 10 years). Here is a listing of the teams I worked with, in chronological order of when I worked with them:
S-042 did most of their work at Lake Hoare. Their research centered around the ecology of Lake Hoare as well as testing out Red ROVer, a Telepresent Remotely Operated Vehicle(TROV). The members were from the Desert Research Institute, located in Reno, Nevada, and NASA Ames, located in Moffet Field, California.
S-020 did most of their work at Lake Fryxell. Their research centered around the ecology of Lake Fryxell and relating it to the ecology of tide-water marshes on the East coast of the US. The members were from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
T-??? worked out of McMurdo. Their research centered on creating an operational ice runway on the Ross Ice Shelf capable of landing C-141's and C-5's. One member was from the Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Labs and the other from the ????Russian equivalent..need to get name????.
S-132D did their work at the South Pole. Their research centered around Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR). The members were from Princeton.
S-167 did their work on Taylor Dome. Their research centered around the patterns of ice flow in Taylor Dome and how knowledge of that helps them use other data from the ice to do climatology research. The members were from ????some place in canada????.

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