What Does Toby Stand For or:
Where Did You Get Such A Funny Name

I seem to spend way too much time explaining my name and where it comes from. My full name is Tobermory Ranulf Ovod-Everett.

The Ovod-Everett comes from hyphenating my original last name (Everett) with my wife's original last name (Ovod).

The Ranulf is an old Viking name that's been in my mother's side of the family for years. I am told that it's the Viking equivalent of Ralph and that I am somehow descended from Ranulf the Ganger who I gather led invasions of Britain in the 9th or 10th Century.

The Tobermory comes from the name of a town on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. My Mom and Dad were camping on the peninsula when I was on the way and turned around in this tiny fishing village. They thought it was a nice name and decided that if I turned out to be male, such I would be named. As far as I know, the Tobermory in Ontario is named after the Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. If you are a connoisseur of whisky, there is a decent single-malt that comes from the Tobermory Distillery. In addition, there is a Tobermory in Australia. Last, but not least, there is a Womble named Tobermory. If you aren't familiar with the Wombles, don't worry, few are. In a nutshell, the Wombles are furry, little, ecologically-correct, muppet-like creatures who were popular in Britain during the 70s. They lived on Wimbledon Common and were always wondering why the humans left so much garbage all over the place. Of course, my career path was all fate, as Tobermory is their engineer.

The maps, by the way, were derived using the Xerox PARC Map Viewer. I used the map viewer to get the borders and features, then added the water coloration and labels myself.

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